What service do we offer for desktop PC that does not start?

We often get calls about branded or custom desktop that doesn't start. Typical symptoms include

  • Tried starting the PC, the sound starts, but no screen display
  • Tried starting the PC, has light on motherboard or other components, but no sound
  • Tried starting the PC, but no response at all

The process to the repair would be as follows

  1. Diagnosis
    An isolation test to find out which component is actually faulty.
  2. Repair and reassembly
    Replace the faulty component


The fee structure works by the amount of time spent.

Less time = less cost

You can choose at which stages that you would like to stop. For example you would only like to perform the diagnosis service.

  • Diagnosis $80
  • Continue to the fix and full reassembly +$70
    • If it has liquid cooling or LED, then an additional of $30 (on top of $70)